Dienstag, 30. April 2013

[swap] with Pascale from France

Maybe a few of u will remember my post about my first swap with Myra from Canada. It was back in dec. I have to admitt, that I swap 2 since than: with Myra and with Katie from the UK. I took pics, but I didn't post about it. Well, these will be posted as well as my parcels I was sending out. This time its all about the parcel I got from Pascale. First time ever I swapped with a girl from France and since I have no clue about the prices, i wasn't able to set up fave brands. And guess what? The parcel was awesome. But have a look by yourself. And, I really hope i will find the time to write about some stuff. I got so many faves out of all parcels. I just don't know where to start writing :-)

For now enjoy the pics I took of the content of Pascales parcel. 

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