Samstag, 27. Oktober 2012

welcome to my swap package :-)

After reading weeks and month about this one big thing, I decided to give it a try. What I am talking about? Swap. Right now it looks to me as if everybody would swap. 

So, whats that special thing about a swap? It means to trade some certain things with a stranger. Mostly to other countries. Normally it all depends on the rules that you and your swapping partner set up. In my case, we brought up the follwoing rules: 

* amount between 30 - 40 USD 
* our products contain make up, eye shadows, shampoo, jewellery, and so on, but no cremes for myself that I need to use on my face. Also lip gloss was a I have it way too often over here. Nailpolish would be great, but its not that often used on my nails. 
* setting up a certain day to bring it to the post office
* taking pics of the products themself, the package with the adress, the bill. 
* taken pics must be from the day of sending
* there was a lot of talking about faves and no gos, wishes, brands and so on
* the amount must be used for the products, not for toll or so
* products must be new, used but in great condition, samples

I for myself went a bit over the amount and here is what I sent out. The 2 yellow packs are conditioner for hair and I needed to take it out cause of the weight (2kg maximum) and also 1 of the Essence pigments. 

My package arrived about 2 weeks after sending. And I really hope that Myras package won't take too long 'til it arrives. She needed to send it on a ship,otherwise it would hve been too expensive. 

The normal international charge from Germany is about 15€ up to 2 kg. If you go over 2 kg it will cost 32€

And thats what I sent out to Kanada

Used about 2-6 times were the e/s in the center of the pic. The sets with 2 and 4 colours from Catrice were sponsored from Cosnova last august, but since I found the same colours as single e/s I rarely used the sets. 

So, did anyone of you a swap before? And what are your experiences? 

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