Donnerstag, 27. September 2012

FOTD and check up within 12 hours

Hey there

Since i needed to get up at 5am and finished my make up at 5:15, I thought a check after 12 hours would be great. I needed to hit the road at 5:45am and came back at 5:15 pm.

The situation with flashlights, lamps, room, position was the same. So, make up ur mind about it.

For me, the only product that couldn't stand that long, was the fix&matte! powder from Essence. Everything else stayed almost the same. And thats pretty well after 12 hours, huh?

5:15 am                                                                                 5:15 pm

well, one of the negative things with the powder: hitting by the flash it looks dead .-(


Ahava Cream
Corrector and Concealer Catrice
fix&matte! powder Essence
cute as hell e/s as blush
eyebrow set Catrice
Artdeco base
beige e/s MNY
blueberry muffin pigment Essence
Litographic g/l MAC
Stimu Volume Mascara Astor


  1. das nenne ich mal longwearing. irgendwie ärgere ich mich, dass ich keine essence pigmente gekauft habe. blueberry muffin sieht toll an dir aus.
    alles liebe und ein schönes woe!

  2. Danke hihi

    Ich liebe Blueberry Muffin:-) Und ja, letzte Woche waren alle täglichen Produkte 12-16 Std im gesicht :-(((

    Habt ihr keine Sortimentsumstellung gehabt? Hier sind die ja im Standartsortiment. Wenn ich dir was schicken soll, dann schreib mir mal, welche Piggies du testen möchtest.