Donnerstag, 8. August 2013

[swap] UK Part 2 mit Katie

Today, I want to introduce u to my 2nd swap with Katie from UK. (Reminds me that I have 4 swaps didnt showed up lol). We arranged a swap for august and since Im always a lil bit hanging behind, well it is still august, I need to send her parcel out the next days. And here we go. She asked me if I have wishes from the Illamasqua sale and since I skipped that sale this year, I gave her a wishlist. Also she was very kind to send me 3 mascaras. I told her about my test with different mascaras, so here we go, I have to test 3 from the UK. Funny part: one was produced in Germany, but never saw it here, its a brand from UK. Besides those things, she - as the swap before - didn't forget about Noah. So she got him 2 books and a DVD. Hell yeah, he will be excited to see that when he gets home tonight. And just last time, she send me a lot of other brands and stuff for body, bath, hands, lips, eyes that I didnt hear before. So I can't wait to test it all out :-) 

KATIE I love you for your ideas. You always pack your parcels with a lot of love and jouy. I always get the feeling mine are never that good lol. 

And here we go, have fun. 

Everything arrived in 2 parcels. 

Noah's presents :-) He loves the books. Thomas the tank engine is one of his faves and He already got 6 small nooks. Now he got one with the story about James coming to Sodor. He really enjoyed reading it tonight before sleepy times. 

Last time I got a blush from "Dainty Doll". This time (I am so in love with the blush), she sent me 2 eyeshadows. The pink is really bright. Perfect for some extreme make up stuff and also - carefully used - as blush. The taupe one gave a highly pigmented swatch and I guess it lasts very long with eyeshadow base. Without a base it lasted for about 6 hours, thats pretty well. 

3 new mascaras to test - yeah for Katie.

Do I need to say anything about the quality of Illamasqua products? I guess not. Very well pigmented, no problems with blending and great colors.  This color is called "creep" and the concealer next to it (105) is very fair, but, I tested it and carefully used it workes very well. I already put it on my wishlist to buy more tones of it.

 Absolute an outstanding color. And its great with a big hint of blue. I need to try it out for some pics before it gets packed in my lipstick palette. And the blush from sleek: wow, soft and charming color. As soon as the hot weather will be gone and I start using my foundations again, I will try it out.

Perfect choice. It is very creamy, doesn't dry out my lips (thats what some products do), got a nice, very decent smell of rose and is just on time. Cause I use to have a lip product everywhere: in every jacket/coat/jeans, in every bag, in almost every room :-) 

 This brush is awesome. It got a place in my make up artist box. Perfect for my jobs, when I need to create 2 or more hairstyles and one of them will be need to included big hair or a lot of hair spray. yeah.

 Well, now it's a big deal to get me tested through all those products. The bath stuff will probably take a while, cause I got so many stuff from her last parce in use, that I want to finish those products first.

Well, good night my dears and I guess I will stuck to swaps with Katie as well :-)

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