Dienstag, 3. Januar 2012

brushes from essential beauty

Hey there

A week before xmas - or so - I decided to buy my own li'l present :-) I have to admitt, that I couldn't resist when I saw these both packs at TK Maxx.

Usually I don't like to buy cheap lashes or brushes, especially not without knowing the company. But both packs looked very good. Does anyone know about them? If so, bring up ur opinions, I would be glad about it. Still, I couldn't try them out by know. Hopefully I will find the time during the next weekend. 

The brush Set from "essential beauty" contains 3 brushes: foundation brush, powder brush and eyeshadow brush.  Well, the included step by step instructions are missing, but I guess I will figure it out without it *rofl*

On the back of the box you'll find the company's adress: located in New York / USA. But the brushes are made in China. 

The little mirror inside is funny, cause it stretches your face in different ways when you use it :-) 
All 3 brushes got a weird smell, but I still didn't wash them out by know. Hopefully it will disapper after the first cleansing. The first look and touch let me think, they are synthetic brushes.

While searching the www, I found the page from essential beauty TM, but I`m not sure, if it's the same. I couldn't find my "starter kit brush set" there. So, if anyone knows anything, I would be glad about informations. And now have enjoy the pics :-)


  1. Oh die sehen aber hübsch aus. Sind die auch so weich wie sie aussehen?

  2. Die sind sogar mega weich. ich hoffe sehr, dass sie weder ausbluten noch sonstige Gemeinheiten von sich geben werden :-)

  3. Ich drück mal die Daumen und bin gespannt auf dein Urteil.